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Combining Old and New Economy

We build successful companies linking the sustainable approach of Old Economy businesses with high value growth opportunities in the New Economy.

Welcome to European Media Holding

EMH is an owner-operated holding company focused on merging digital technologies with "old economy" companies. The EMH team develops future-oriented business ideas and strategies, and uses its extensive expertise to support its portfolio companies in their operational development. The combination of the values and expertise of the Old Economy with the growth potential of the New Economy is typical across all engagements.

The online tire retailers Delticom and Tirendo as well as online kitchen specialist Kiveda are part of EMH's portfolio, among others.

EMH was founded by Maximilian Kuss and Sebastian Kuss in Munich in 2010.


EMH invests in Europe's leading online tire retailer Delticom

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Delticom buys online tire retailer Tirendo

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July 18, 2013

Kiveda starts new TV campaign

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